In the vastly competitive sunglass and snow goggle industry, it takes more than exceptional products to differentiate a newer company; it requires creativity and perseverance.  Most people don’t realize the majority of high-profile sunglass brands are controlled by a couple of giant, big box conglomerates, which sell the high-cost illusion of choice to the consumer. D•CURVE offers an alternative – a different approach to how goggles and sunglasses are designed, innovated, marketed, and priced.

After working in the sunglass industry for almost 20 years, I knew it was time to get back to the basics: offer modestly-priced products with game-changing innovations. Challenge the status quo. Shift paradigms.

Many of our competitors have intentionally designed their goggles to “wear down” or otherwise need replacement after a season. Instead of just accepting this as the norm, D•CURVE’s response is to offer a business model geared toward sustainability by providing replacement parts for the three main goggle components that wear out: lenses, straps and an industry-first: face foam. These acts of sustainability extend the life of your goggles and your bank account because you no longer have to throw away a pair of goggles due to the foam being mashed; the strap, stretched; or the lens, scratched.

With my industry insights, relationships and experience, I implemented a clear vision on how to incorporate the finest-quality materials available, with in-house, original designs, to deliver exceptional products at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

Alongside my team, we manifest my back-to-basics approach by personally researching, developing and testing every product we sell. This credo makes it easier for consumers to wear premium, great-looking, outdoor eyewear at modest prices.

Thanks for supporting our small and independently owned business as we work to support you and your active, outdoor lifestyle

Andrew Strauss CEO