Anti-Microbial Comfort



Many people toss out their goggles after one ski season because their face foam wears out or, quite literally, it stinks.  We knew we needed to shift a paradigm. For the first time in the snow goggles industry, D•CURVE introduces face foam that’s removable, washable, reusable and replaceable!

Think about it: What else do you wear against your skin, which you work out in and never wash?  Wash the Foam (WTF), for crying out loud!

Not only is our technologically-advanced, 3-layer goggle foam washable, it’s also comfort bio-activating, which means it deodorizes, comforts and stimulates antibiosis, creating a bacteria-free zone around your face.  Translation: it protects your skin.  It’s especially suitable for people with skin sensitivities.  Not to mention, for people who wash their face on a regular basis.

D•CURVE’s innovative, industry-leading face foam is unmatchable. We think washable face foam is the single most significant advancement in snow goggle design in years. No more goggle zits. No odors. It’s a game changer. It’s the best remedy for the buildup of sweat, makeup, sunscreen, facial oils and other particles, which may accumulate on your goggles.

Defy Limits with D•CURVE.  Goodbye, goggle zits! Adios, allergic reactions! Bye-bye, breakouts!  Sayonara, stink!

#RedefineWTF  #WashTheFoam

D•CURVE straps and lenses are also interchangeable, making it easy to be uniquely you on the mountain.