We know that the most important benefit of wearing D•CURVE Optics sunglasses is that they protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light. UV light can have harmful effects on the eyelid, cornea, lens and retina.

Do you only wear sunglasses on sunny, summer days? If so, you’re doing your eyes a disservice. Quality sunglasses are necessary year-round.  Whether it’s winter or summer, cloudy or sunny, you’re always subject to ultraviolet exposure.

Eye protection is especially important if you’re on or near a body of water.  Not only do you get direct sun exposure, but you also get reflected light from the water.

Snow can also reflect sunlight, so, if you’re hitting the ski slopes this winter, don’t forget your sunglasses. Excessive UV exposure can lead to a corneal burn.

Do you want your skin around your eyes to look healthy?  Here’s a helpful hint: Wear sunglasses!  Sunglasses also help protect delicate skin around the eyes from aging.  Eyelid skin is the thinnest skin on our body and it’s more at risk for sunlight damage. 

Do you know there’s a beauty benefit of wearing sunglasses?  Less squinting and eyestrain: when you’re constantly squinting, you’re also constantly straining your eyes. This results in “tired” eyes, and may even lead to earlier wrinkles around the eyes and “crows feet”. Wearing sunglasses allows you to not squint, and will help you see more clearly during whichever outdoor activity you decide to participate in.

Yes, you heard it right – your sunglasses are basically anti-wrinkle cream, only SO much more attractive.