You’re extra-cautious to protect your prescription eyeglasses from misuse and damage.  But, what about your sunglasses?  Many people rub their sunglasses like that annoying BBQ sauce stain on your white shirt at the company picnic.  Yet, mistreatment of your shades can lead to damage, which may void their warranty.  Common abuses to never do to your sunglasses:

1.NEVER use household glass or surface cleaners, ammonia, bleach or vinegar on your sunglasses. These chemicals will damage the lenses and will strip the anti-reflective and mirror coatings off your lenses.

2. NEVER rub your lenses with your t-shirt, sweatshirt, button-up, shirttail, etc., especially when the lenses are dry. All those tiny particles of dirt and dust hiding in your shirt may cause micro-scratches in your lenses.

3. NEVER launder your microfiber cloth with fabric softener. Definitely clean your lens cloth to remove oil build-up, but the addition of fabric softener is a bad idea. It will destroy the effectiveness and durability of the fibers, and the fabric softener will leave a residue on your lenses. 

4. NEVER wipe, clean, dry, or rub your lenses with a paper towel, tissue, or any other form of paper product. Paper is made from trees. When’s the last time you encountered a soft tree? That tissue may feel soft, but it contains little particles of rough pulp, which will scratch your lenses. 

5. NEVER wipe your lenses that have been exposed to salt water; rinse them in fresh tap water or distilled water, first, before cleaning them.

6. NEVER use saliva to wet your lenses.

7. NEVER use paper towels, napkins, tissues or toilet paper to clean your lenses. These can scratch or smear your lenses or leave them full of lint.

8. NEVER try to “buff away” a scratch in your lenses. This only makes the situation worse.